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Ceylon Cinnamon is the main product of the New Lanka Cinnamon Private Limited and New Lanka Cinnamon Private Limited is responsible for manufacturing, processing and exporting pure Ceylon cinnamon product to customers. When it comes to Sri Lankan exporting arena, 56 percent of the export represents the agricultural products and these exports represent production of spices, allied products and essential oils. But among them, cinnamon is the most valuable product and the most income driven spices in Sri Lanka.

About New Lanka Cinnamon Pvt Ltd

We are a well-established cinnamon manufacturing, processing and exporting organization in Sri Lanka and the company is located in Karandeniya electoral area of Galle District. It was incorporated by Mr. Shelton Jayathunga in 1980.  We started operations in 1980 collecting cinnamon from several local suppliers and started export operations in 2010.

Our Products

Our Values

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Our commitments are aligned with the idea that always priority when it comes to our products and services. The positive emotional response and the joy that the customer experiences from our quality goods mean the worlds to us. Customer satisfaction signifies utter joy to us and a great feeling of accomplishment.

Commitment to Society

Our commitment is to focus on the social needs and aspirations of the society. We believe in a strong culture of giving back to society, and thus, engage ourselves in numerous CSR initiatives in its operational environments. Such CSR activities have served to benefit hundreds of individuals.

Strategic Objectives

Identify local traders, those who supply good quality cinnamon

Build network between all local cinnamon traders, those who supply cinnamon

Maintain quality according to buyers requirements

Conduct training and developments for local traders

Introduce leisure program /activities to build strong network with them

Control hygiene condition inside the company

Our Goals

Produce & Purchase high quality cinnamon

Coordinating and analyzing local cinnamon market using knowledge and experience to make best quality cinnamon in to the world.

Effect continuous improvements of Quality

We always are committed to provide our customers the best quality goods. We are continuously raising quality standards.

Satisfaction of Employees

Our desire and ability is to improve our employees. Our business will grow if our people grow too. We are committed to personal development of our core employees and their families.

Increase market share by 10 percent per each year

While searching for and finding new buyer in the world and then analyzingtheir customer base and identifying the real buyers then we can get more orders and supplying good quality cinnamon.

Health Benefit

Today cinnamon is identified as the most popular spices category all over the world due to its health benefits and for reasons of its unique medicinal property of lowering a high level of Antioxidants.

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